1.    Our team members are expected to keep the highest confidentiality standards, and safety standards possible.

    2.   All private investigations are to remain exactly that! "PRIVATE", no names or photos of the customers will be allowed

            to be taken, mentioned, or otherwise published.

    3.  At meetings, and investigations, all team members are to be aware of there grooming because, it is a delicate situation.

          You will be working up close and personal with others.

    4.  Keep safety of your self, and others a priority, usage or posession of drugs while with the group or during meetings and investigations

          is  an AUTOMATIC  termination of your membership and lost of dues it will not be tolerated.

    5.      One accident is too many,and if you feel uncomfortable in a location or situation

          then get out of it, or take a break .

    6. No joking, goofing around , or making fun of someone if they go out because, they are nervous or afraid .

          It may be you  out there taking a break next time.

    7. Keep job site as it was when you found it, do not touch, or play with anything in a customers home, or business.

         We are there as professionals, and  its not your stuff.

    8. A ll dues go to equipment or supplies for the team and are non refundable.

    9. Anyone found to be  non compliant with these policies will be warned, and possible ejected from the paranormal alert


                                                                                                                                Thank you,

                                                                                                                                                  John Armstrong





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